Automatic Garage Doors in Weston Super Mare


You drive in and your garage door closes safely and securely behind you, all without having left the warmth and comfort of your car. Not only is it easy but it is safe too.

Hand transmitters are factory pre-programmed with one of more than 1 billion possible codes to give you maximum security.

They feature two buttons as standard, allowing one to be used for opening your

garage door and the other for a secondary task, such as operating an outdoor light.

Door Security Device

To prevent your garage door from being forced open, all our operators feature a

security device which engages in the mechanism's boom on closing. This security device remains fully functional even during a power failure.

Auto Expert

The Auto Expert electric door operator has a belt driven mechanism which is compatible with Up & Over and Sectional doors. The motor unit has a streamlined plastic cover in the event of power failure, the Auto Expert can be overridden manually.

Auto M2 and Auto M2 Excel

The Auto M2 is an ideal match for your Up & Over or sectional garage door. The use of intelligent electronics means that on first-time opening and closing, the mechanism automatically adjusts itself to your garage door, removing the need for manual adjustment.

The Auto M2 Excel operator is a more powerful automatic operator for use with older style garage doors or in extreme circumstance.

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